Lemar Made The Day Of The Children

In the scope of their corporate social responsibility projects, Lemar Supermarkets organised a children’s festival and entertained the students of SOS Daycare Center.

Lemar Supermarkets are making a difference with their corporate social responsibility projects. The students of SOS Daycare Center were invited to the Cineplex movie theatre complex in Lemar Kaymaklı shopping mall. They enjoyed a nice day watching an animated movie and also spent a couple of hours in the playground. There were also surprise gifts for the children at the event.

Lemar Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Director İpek Menteş stated that, they were forcing the pace of their social responsibility projects this year and they will be trying to address the country’s needs with these projects. Menteş added that they thought the most meaningful start to such projects seemed like children so they started the “Çocuklar Bizim Şenliği” and were aiming to make it an annual event.