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Cineplex has been founded in 1999 as a subsidiary
of Lemar, Today it serves it’s customers in 5 different
regsons with thee most up to date films… »

If you have a store or a commercial building to let
over 250 square meters on a main road, let us know
so we can have a look at it…»

Excellent carreer opportunities in Lemar are only a
click away! Apply and we will call you… »

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2 days ago
Lemar Süpermarket'in gönderisinden fotoğraflar

LEMAR BOĞAZ COMING SOON!!! Lemar Boğaz mağazamız çok yakında ... See more

2 days ago

Lemar'da bugüne özel SUPERFRESH MISIR / SWEET CORN 220GR 👉 2,99tl🔻 17.04.2019 ve 18.04.2019 ... See more

4 days ago

Lemar'da bugüne özel ALTINBAŞAK GRISSINI SADE 125GR 👉 2,49tl🔻 15.04.2019 Pazartesi ... See more

5 days ago

Nisan'da İNDİRİM Yağmuru!! DARDANEL EKO PAKET(TUNA FISH) 160GRx2 👉🏻13,99₺! Bu kampanya ... See more

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